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Sep. 15th, 2017 10:25 am
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The project of the past few days (in addition to watching Riverdale and finishing up giffing every televised episode of Galileo) has been attempting to revive my HTC Status (named Kou).

I loved this phone. I still love this phone, but it was a piece of crap phone for anything but the basic 'calling people' purpose of most cell phones and one other thing: writing on. It was meant to be a texting phone, with a full QWERTY keyboard, plus a tiny 320x240 touch screen.

I wrote most of "Darkest of Marks" on it before it broke. The charging port no longer works at all for charging. Recently I discovered that a piece of hardware exists for externally charging phone batteries, so I bought an extra HTC Status battery and that as well, charged up the battery I had and the new one. After putting it in, my phone started up just fine. Of course, it might be inconvenient to have to pull the back off every time the battery drains down, but in testing the functionality of it over the other steps I'm taking to revive it, I discovered that battery life is excellent.

I have been thrown back forcefully into my past annoyance over the tiny size of the internal storage, however, even though all I want to do is make it into the world's smallest word processor, so I can write fanfic on it. The phone is rooted, so I tried to remove as many apps from it as possible to reduce the load on the internal storage, but in doing so, I messed up something about the touch screen unlocker.

So, I went on a quest to find a custom ROM, and did succeed in doing that, but then ran into problems with updating Google services on it. It keeps trying to update to the most current version, which is huge in size and only wants to live in the internal storage, because it keeps force closing when I attempt to move it to external storage. I might be able to live without Google Play on it, but I really just want the original ROM on it, so now I'm about to flash a version that has had the bloatware stripped from it back onto it. I wonder if it's at all possible to remove Google Play completely.

I can't help but feel I'm wasting my time on this, but it's an interesting way to pass that time. *sigh*

[For those curious, the apps I need on it and can't live without in order to write: Notepad, Jota Text Editor, Link2SD (manages internal storage), Twilight (red filter), CoolReader (reading app for documents), TextCounter, Battery Indicator (needs to live on the internal storage), Astro File Manager (to delete and manage files), WiFiFileExplorerPRO (to get files from the phone to my laptop), Fora Dictionary, and DisplayBrightness (a widget manager for screen brightness).]

*crosses fingers*

ETA: Yay, it works!


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