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Gotta hand it to Nikita's writers...-_-

JFC, they went there, they had Nikita cut off Michael's hand.  The spoilers said as much, but HOLY SHIT, when the show that giveth the best spy couple happiness taketh away, they don't fuck around.

That's going to take him out of fieldwork for a while, if not permanently. Donno if they had this planned all the way back to S1, but when Percy trapped him inside Division, they had a special contraption just for his hand.  Same hand?!

Love Operation Save Sonya, everyone came together and made it work even after that little hiccup with Alex and Michael. Okay, fake date was easily hilarious. But my favorite parts with Alex is like whenever Nikita's involved, there's like no holding back--when she's pleading with Michael to not tell Nikita, when she's coming clean to Nikita, GOD, her face in those scenes, like Nikita's her best friend/mentor/sister/mother and she's got no emotional filter when it comes to living up to Nikita expectations of her, I can't even...I'm all verklempt.

Birkhoff and Sonya are adorable, and it just played out that way, but I appreciated that the dude was the one panicking and the girl's just like, I trust you, just stick to the plan, etc. SO REFRESHING, OMG.

I have to say I'm disappointed at Anne's short-livedness.  She was never quite on the same level as Roan, though sufficiently scary, especially during Birkhoff's dream.  I did like that she went against Amanda's orders at the end and that face she made before going after Nikita--maybe she thought Amanda's obsession with Nikita was too crazy, even for her. :D  Amanda...if a knife wielding psycho assassin thinks you're nuts, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your life choices.

I've never trusted a show's TPTB so much, it's like 'Birkhoff needs to tell Nikita about Sonya, like, right now!', and it's done.  Like 'Michael needs to do something about Alex's using again', and yup, it's there.  Like, I'm so HAPPY to watch your show.
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Ugh, I've got hardcore writer's block for my Nikita fic. When was the last time I managed to crank out something without month long pauses? Oh yeah, the Hands Push and Pull, or Of Right Hand Men.


Too soon?
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I've been dabbling over at tumblr, and now the DW text field that I'm writing this in looks so huge and blank.  Like, what the hell am I going to fill you if not pictures and gifs?!  Words, I give you words, nonsensical words.

Sometimes I wish I am super talented in something so that when I withdraw from human contact, it's 'my process' instead of 'being anti-social'. But no, not talent.  Just average with the need to recharge without people around, enjoying the quiet.
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So, I have a list of fannish TO-DOs:

1) Reinstall LD's forum, at least in an archive format cause there are like awesome stuff in there that I never got around to formally archive.

2) Finish my ONE Enterprise WIP from years and years ago.

3) Continuing writing my Nikita/Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover that has inexplicably (?!) garnered more kudos on AO3 than any other stories I've posted on there.

4) Fuck around with tumblr, which okay, I sort of get it, but like it only as a path of least effort to squee over fannish things.


What is the opposite of FEELS?  SADS?  I have so many SADS:

1) I already do tons of tech stuff at work, so I don't want to do more script re-installation, blah blah blah.

2) Who's even going to read it?

3) First of all, the TSCC fic on AO3?  Intimidate the fuck out of me. I can't write on that level and everytime I update the fic, I see it in my head like, here's nothing really new coming from the real writers, so I'm gonna read this whatever thing this whatever girl wrote. Ignoring that side of my brain, I have PLOTS to write and yet the lack of an active and supportive Nikita fandom comm (I've been so spoiled by ENT and LD, it's not even funny) is like running a marathon with no one on the sidelines to cheer me on.  At this point I'd take zombies running after me, rabid fans or the equivalent (I never had those, not the point). But I just had to write a crossover with one show that's dead and the other one with a fandom so wee that barely exists.  I don't even know, do I....need a cheerleader?

4) Pictures are nice, but most of the time I yearn, I pine, I perish, for the days of lengthy fic. I just feel so old.

On the other hand, the Avengers fandom is awesome.
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So I lurk on the Delphic Expanse forums for Enterprise--quite the active place despite ENT being off for all these years.  And someone posted this link to R/S art.  I was quite impressed, I thought it was well done and it just made my old shipper heart swell:

Trekkie Tango
by ~dashinvaine on deviantART

But then, their expressions/positions seemed famliar and it's not that I didn't obsess over every scene R/S had together--there weren't a lot to begin with, but why would I find this one SO familiar?  Then it hit me...and I was like...really???

I cut and pasted the heads for the picture!  :D

This was a R/S manip I made a while ago from a screencap of Dominic Keating on another show of his:

Just to make sure, I overlayed my manip over this one:  It's like one of those infinite pictures where there's one picture inside another one. 

Anyway, I'm terribly amused by this.  It's a remix! :D
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Episode Tag for 2x07. Because Alex needed a little pick-me-up. So I scribbled a little Alex/Sean. Sort of.

Title: Once More Without Feeling
Author: jyorraku
Rating: G
Fandom: Nikita
Category: Drama
Characters: Alex/Sean
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Archive: AO3, FFN, DW
Summary: Alex gets a visitor in her recruit quarters.


Read more... )


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There are no knights in shinning armor :|
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OMG, Maggie & Shane, please stop being so adorable and making me want to ship you.


Via: sundaystorms

jyorraku: Sarah Connor and Nikita, kicking ass and taking names. (Sarah & Nikita)
Title: Remember Me Not
Rating: Teen
Fandom: Nikita
Characters: Michael/Nikita, Amanda, Alex, Ryan
Summary: She didn't remember at all.

@ AO3

Title: Unpaved Roads (WIP)
Rating: Mature
Fandom: Nikita, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Characters: Michael/Nikita, Alex, Sarah Connor, Savannah Weaver, John Connor, Owen, Birkhoff, Derek.
Summary: It absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Chapter 8 @ AO3

jyorraku: Sarah Connor and Nikita, kicking ass and taking names. (Sarah & Nikita)
The Damages premiere was like whatever, okay then. Then episode two finally kicked it up a notch. Damages 4x2 )
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I would totally watch a show with Klingon dwarves.

Hellooooo Klingon Richard Armitage, you can defend my honor anytime.

Original pic from theOneRing.Net.
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Don't judge, but I'm looking forward to MTV's Awkward (early review). And I also enjoyed 10 Things I Hate About You on ABC Family, canceled, of course. So not a good track record going in, MTV's or mine, but I just can't stay away from a plucky, exasperated heroine.
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I managed to punch out Chapter 7 of Unpaved Roads. Trying to write two characters both named Michael challenged the technical skills or the lack thereof. There were only so many times I could write 'young Michael' before it started to look funny. The thing is, Michael's taken my writing muse hostage. I mean, seriously, another chapter on Michael?  He just wouldn't let go, it's like he knows I have a type and he's just being all angsty and crazy right in front of me.

One of the funnest things to do is to put TSCC words in Nikita character's mouths and try to make it work. I feel so cleverly stupid doing that, if that makes sense at all. Like a bad pun, deep down, I'm smiling along with it even though it's so groanworthy. And where's the TSCC in all of this, other than the random terminator back there?  Well, the St. Petersburg op is sometime in 2006 and Sarah & Co don't come out of the time bubble until September of 2007. The timelines don't match as well as I thought they would. Sigh. But Sarah will meet Nikita & Co, how else would Alex get that photograph to give to John? I just have to figure out where Michael fits into all of this, he's completely throwing me off. :p
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X-Posted to LD/LD Forum/LJ/DW.

This is a PSA for LD, made in light of what happened with the LotR fan fic archive.

Your Rights as a Fanworks Author/Contributor @ LD )


Jun. 28th, 2011 12:49 am
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Fic writers, if your fic got translated into another language, would you want to know? Would you be flattered or weirded out? What if it's in another language that you don't understand? Would you attempt to Google Translate to see what people are saying?

I have all kinds of love for The Hairpin, and the latest Reading Between the Lines is hilarious:

K: You’re like that horse that you bring to the water and it won’t drink, or whatever. Drink the mean water.

I can't drink the mean water...

Cut for Daniel Craig being funny hot funny hot he just got married to Evie! Craig, Daniel Craig.

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