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Zoos are depressing, but [syndicated profile] zooborns_feed has adorable pictures of baby!animals. Yeah, this is going on my DW reading list.

In light of all the batshittery regarding anti-choice Republican in the US: Incorporate My Uterus. Maybe then they'll be willing to talk about that deregulation they love so much.

How awesome is this fan made X-Men: First Class trailer?

I just upgraded to FireFox 4.0. The right click to 'Open to New Tab' is now on TOP of the 'Open New Window'. I keep opening new windows when I want to open new tabs... -_-

Holy crap, the wait is finally over CriesNikita's all new tomorrow! *bounces* LOL, Shane and Maggie are SUCH teases, do they not know about fangirls who ship them in RL? Or maybe they do.
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I'm the March reccer at [community profile] scc_reloaded! Come follow along if you're into T:SCC. :)

Bless this union in Wisconsin! Awwwwwwwww. [via Metafilter]

Amanda Hocking is 26 years old. She has 9 self-published books to her name, and sells 100,000+ copies of those ebooks per month... writing YA paranormal romance. Honestly, I would totally buy original fics from some of the people in my circle/friendslist. The discussion on the MF thread is pretty enlightening. Editors, betas, etc. outside the context of fandom. A good read if you want to see what's breaking through the traditional barriers on publishing.

I don't like where this shit store is going despite the allure of 'always clean bathrooms'. It's a Republican free-market wet dream, although it is apparently a Dutch chain. The market will take care of your shitting needs, why have regulated building codes and handicapped requirements for restrooms when you can pay to shit in the toilet of your choice?! -_-

Kitty rock! The guy should be happy the cat allowed him to drum along. [via Cute boys with cats! There's a [syndicated profile] cuteboyswithcats_feed to add to your dreamwidth circle too!]

I just read a Nikita spoiler (though now I wish I didn't; Just goes to show how much the show owns me, I actually sorta-kinda care about being too spoiled) and wee spoily. )
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[livejournal.com profile] scchronicles_tv is having a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles rewatch [via [profile] maharet83]. I have to wonder if all the tech in our computers can now let people do live MST3K/Podcast convos during a rewatch? If everyone has SKYPE or some conference-abled app, one person can do the recording, and those who don't want to talk can contribute via the text chat option (which can then be saved as a chatlog?). The only hurdle would be to schedule a RL meeting time across the timezones, I think! Has this ever been done?

[livejournal.com profile] birdienl is running a Mr. Period Drama poll. Round 8 is with Toby Stephens, Richard Armitage and Matthew Macfadyen, a Brönte man, a Gaskell man and an Austen/Dickens man. You're voting to see who's going to leave the competition. Richard Armitage of North & South fame appears to have lots of staying power, hee! If you're a fan of period drama and haven't seen North & South, run, don't walk, to see it. Armitage's Thornton, dare I say it, is better than Firth's Darcy. O_O I know, right?

Look at this pretty bird! I love this animal blog, it's like the quiet and studious version of the CuteOverload's class clown. Heh.

Vid rec: She's a Rebel by [livejournal.com profile] kaydeefalls : Awesome chicks various fandoms [via [personal profile] eatsscissors].

Pimpin' for Dreamwidth: For the week of February 21 - February 28, creating an account on Dreamwidth will not require an invite code [via [site community profile] dw_news].

Sarah Haskins cracks me up with Target Women, too bad there are no new segments. *Sad face* In honor of the upcoming V-Day:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the worst thing a woman can be is single. Worse than leprosy, you ask? Yes, because lepers live in a colony and single woman live alone... )


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