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So, I have a list of fannish TO-DOs:

1) Reinstall LD's forum, at least in an archive format cause there are like awesome stuff in there that I never got around to formally archive.

2) Finish my ONE Enterprise WIP from years and years ago.

3) Continuing writing my Nikita/Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover that has inexplicably (?!) garnered more kudos on AO3 than any other stories I've posted on there.

4) Fuck around with tumblr, which okay, I sort of get it, but like it only as a path of least effort to squee over fannish things.


What is the opposite of FEELS?  SADS?  I have so many SADS:

1) I already do tons of tech stuff at work, so I don't want to do more script re-installation, blah blah blah.

2) Who's even going to read it?

3) First of all, the TSCC fic on AO3?  Intimidate the fuck out of me. I can't write on that level and everytime I update the fic, I see it in my head like, here's nothing really new coming from the real writers, so I'm gonna read this whatever thing this whatever girl wrote. Ignoring that side of my brain, I have PLOTS to write and yet the lack of an active and supportive Nikita fandom comm (I've been so spoiled by ENT and LD, it's not even funny) is like running a marathon with no one on the sidelines to cheer me on.  At this point I'd take zombies running after me, rabid fans or the equivalent (I never had those, not the point). But I just had to write a crossover with one show that's dead and the other one with a fandom so wee that barely exists.  I don't even know, do I....need a cheerleader?

4) Pictures are nice, but most of the time I yearn, I pine, I perish, for the days of lengthy fic. I just feel so old.

On the other hand, the Avengers fandom is awesome.
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So I happen to be by [livejournal.com profile] h50_anon for Hawaii 5-0. Normally, I don't visit anon communities or have them on my lists, but there was only one post so I took a look. I know anons are usually for venting and people's names ARE called out either for not properly following fandom etiquette or some other egregious thing. However, when I saw the posts that specify the particular authors who write bad fic, I can't help but wonder, what if those authors see this? If I saw my name mentioned there, I would be so bummed. The anons have a right to vent, but I just have vicarious embarrassment for those that have been repeatedly called out. Also, that could totally be me because the sun does not shine out of my fics' ass and it doesn't take much of an imagination to think someone would have a hate-on for them.

I need to stop reading anon and secrets communities.

Sometimes, being in fandom is not all fun and games.
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This DW thing's not too shabby. I love the ability to create and subscribe to RSS feeds nilly willy (not that I didn't put *some* thought into it before creating one). LJ and the Internet like ducks in a row on my friend's page! *cackles*

Here's some feeds that might be of interest to my fellow ENT brethren, or just those who find themselves nostalgic for Captain Animal Speak and crew:

Livejournal Communities:
[syndicated profile] ontd_startrek_feed 
[syndicated profile] lingdata_feed 
[syndicated profile] enterprisefans_feed 
[syndicated profile] nx01_icons_feed 

Other RSS feeds:
[syndicated profile] lingdata_forum_feed : The feed created from the LD forum.
[syndicated profile] entstcommunity_feed : Feed of fics from the Warp 5 Complex.
[syndicated profile] enterpriseffnet_feed : Enterprise fics from FF.net

Other points of interest:
[syndicated profile] scc_fic_feed (still bitter about T:SCC)
[syndicated profile] schronicles_feed (very, very bitter)
[syndicated profile] fandom_wank_feed 
[syndicated profile] battlestar_blog_feed 
[syndicated profile] xkcd_feed 

My newest fandom of interest:
[syndicated profile] nikita_tv_feed (LJ): Badass ex-assassin works with another woman on the inside to take down a black ops operation. The women on this show blow the Bechdel test out of the water. The tall, dark, and smokey-voiced men don't hurt either, not at all.

Anyone know if AO3 has RSS feeds?  They'll need to light a fire under that if they don't...


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