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Gotta hand it to Nikita's writers...-_-

JFC, they went there, they had Nikita cut off Michael's hand.  The spoilers said as much, but HOLY SHIT, when the show that giveth the best spy couple happiness taketh away, they don't fuck around.

That's going to take him out of fieldwork for a while, if not permanently. Donno if they had this planned all the way back to S1, but when Percy trapped him inside Division, they had a special contraption just for his hand.  Same hand?!

Love Operation Save Sonya, everyone came together and made it work even after that little hiccup with Alex and Michael. Okay, fake date was easily hilarious. But my favorite parts with Alex is like whenever Nikita's involved, there's like no holding back--when she's pleading with Michael to not tell Nikita, when she's coming clean to Nikita, GOD, her face in those scenes, like Nikita's her best friend/mentor/sister/mother and she's got no emotional filter when it comes to living up to Nikita expectations of her, I can't even...I'm all verklempt.

Birkhoff and Sonya are adorable, and it just played out that way, but I appreciated that the dude was the one panicking and the girl's just like, I trust you, just stick to the plan, etc. SO REFRESHING, OMG.

I have to say I'm disappointed at Anne's short-livedness.  She was never quite on the same level as Roan, though sufficiently scary, especially during Birkhoff's dream.  I did like that she went against Amanda's orders at the end and that face she made before going after Nikita--maybe she thought Amanda's obsession with Nikita was too crazy, even for her. :D  Amanda...if a knife wielding psycho assassin thinks you're nuts, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your life choices.

I've never trusted a show's TPTB so much, it's like 'Birkhoff needs to tell Nikita about Sonya, like, right now!', and it's done.  Like 'Michael needs to do something about Alex's using again', and yup, it's there.  Like, I'm so HAPPY to watch your show.


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