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This is a PSA for LD, made in light of what happened with the LotR fan fic archive.

Skip down to the bolded text if the exposition is tl;dr.

So there's an ongoing kerfuffle regarding the selling of a LotR fan fic archive to some asshat who wants to make money off it: http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1277925.html

My reaction:

1) Er, no.
3) WTF?

LD has been online since 2001, so 10 years. I started the website on my own subdomain that I was already paying for (it’s mostly a testing bed for coding projects for school and work). During its most active period, members (many of you) generously donated money to keep LD going at the lingdata.net address. I made contributions to that fund as well. There was a lot of free stuff out there then but ad free webhosting wasn't one of them. In any case, I would like to believe that a good fannish time was had by everyone involved. :D

When ENT went off the air, LD quieted down. To me, there was no reason to burden anyone with the funds needed maintain the domain when we’ve moved on one way or another, myself included. But it made absolutely no sense to me to just let LD disappear and take everything down with it. So I moved LD back to my own domain, and there it sits now and quite possibly forever: http://judy.jteers.net/lingdata/

Looking back, there could have been more transparency, advanced notice, and consensus when I did things as an archivist, site runner, and administrator. I don’t think I was drunk with power, but it’s easy to get tunnel vision when you have some much control over the platform.  This latest kerfuffle made me realize that I should still make certain things clear and assure those who have their fan works available on the site.

End exposition.

Your Rights as a Fanworks Author/Contributor @ LD

#1 You have the right to remove any and all of your work. The only possible exception would be the Round Robin stories, which can still be removed if permission from everyone is received.
#2 You own your work. LD does not have any rights to your work and cannot profit from it in anyway.
#3 The LD administrator will respond in a timely manner to your requests and comments regarding #1 and #2.

Details on #1

On the LD forum: Once you are logged in, you have the permission to delete your posts. The first post in a thread that has replies are locked from being deleted, but the content can still be edited/removed. There is also an option to delete your forum account by going to your profile.

On the main site: Unfortunately, the site's archive is old school, hand coded HTML. I completely understand that authors want more autonomy and control over their fan fiction and I regret that the current archive isn't structured this way. Please contact me to request changes, removal, or direct linking back to your preferred archive. My contact information is directly on the site and I monitor all forum/LJ postings. I’ll reply within one week, usually sooner.  My Vulcan side wants me to add an exception: if something happens to me, the web host is prepaid 6 months at a time, so the site would come down by itself either in February or August.

Finally, although I haven't been approached and I don't think I ever will, here it is: I will never sell LD to anyone.

Seriously, I don’t even know how that would work, logistically, legally, ethically. I’m still WTFing about the LotR archivist who did it.

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