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Last week, I told Nikita to bring it, so Thursday night, Nikita brought Awesome, its sister OMG, its cousin Oh Hell No and granddaddy Holy Fucking Shit.

The episode continues right where the last left off, i.e. when Amanda literally single-handedly knocked Alex off her ass. PseudoMom Nikita and pseudoDad Michael comes home to the loft to contemplate their navel box while their kid is getting tortured by the Inquisitor. No expects the Amanda Inquisition! No, no, that's okay, other than the calm before the shit storm factor, I think something else is going on in this scene too.

Michael's hands for example. Several closeups of his hands in this episode, starting with this one. Apparently Michael's nervous tick consists of tapping in Morse code, how very spy of him. It's foreshadowing something, but since this isn't Chinese drama, there's no precedence of TPTB actually cutting off an appendage of a protagonist (I'm serious, see 'Return of the Condor Heroes), so I think Michael's hands are safe for now.

Hee, Nikita calls him 'Hon'. Aw. I wonder if Michael knows that he's doing more and more of these shit-eating grins. It's like he knows his girlfriend's too awesome for words.

I love this shot, this little detail. Nikita takes his hand because he's facing this life altering change and he's kinda freaking out.

Birkhoff always brings the funnies. When in doubt, kick them in the nuts! I hope he survives this, the little weasel.

LOL, someone on TWOP said Nikita made a suggestive gesture with her legs when she said Michael could stay with her. From the looks of that smile on her face, I think she meant to do that.

I like this, kissing in the shadows. I have to credit the directors of Nikita for making these shots and many other shots just so PRETTY, so unTV.

Again with the hand. And Nikita finally brings up Alex. Chicks before dicks, Nikita! I'll forgive Nikita this time because she and Michael have such a long history together, but she needs to step it up before Alex goes full Udinov.

You know Amanda is crazy scary when a fuzzy image of her makes you shudder. She's like, 'just another day electrocuting someone while I lean oh so casually against this mahogany desk. This button says 'torture' but I should try it out make sure, just in case.'

You'll never guess what I found, Percy! Guess!

Alex is like, Bitch, please, just kill me and get it over with.

Percy's going for the long con, but I think Alex was genuinely a surprise. A pleasant surprise for his evil master plan.

I totally LOLed at Alex stealing Amanda's thunder. Melinda Clarke played this perfectly with just the right amount of tantrum.

Even though Alex is trapped in the chair, the way it's shot and how she's sitting straight up, it's like she's sitting on a throne while her subject, Percy, tries to make the case for her to betray Nikita.

I swear, Amanda keeps making her case but Percy's face doesn't move an inch.

HA-HA! *points* Percy's pissed off Amanda. He's going to get his, oh yeah.

This smile FREAKED ME OUT, OMG. For a second there, I thought it was like a quadruple cross or something or Alex is mini-Oversight and Percy's working for her or whatever.

Dude, where's my agent?

Poor cabin fevered Birkhoff. I'd hug him but I don't want to come within 10 feet of him.

Michael agrees.

Nikita's wee, but she uses the stuff around her to take down her opponents. You know, it never hit me until now, that is also a Jackie Chan thing and Maggie Q is trained by him. I *just* got that. Ugh, neuron fail. Of course it also makes the fights more realistic, because she's not going to win with her fists, that's for damn sure.

*giggles* Michael checks out the new guy in the room and swaggers right between him and Nikita. Subtle, real subtle.

The new guy gets the message--especially after Nikita introduces Michael as just some guy she sleeps with. XD I think Michael and Nikita both have a soft spot for nerds and their social ineptitude. It's like they habitually adopt nerds and orphans into their whacked out family.

That's the most convenient lens flare this side of a JJ Abrams movie. Something for season two, right CW?


Percy regrets killing your whole family. See also 'crocodile tears'.

NO WAY. Nikita has to have told Alex she was the one that pulled the trigger. I'm in Full Disclosure on the Killing/Non Disclosure on the Kill Chip camp. I think Alex knew but it didn't fully hit her until she saw the video. It's one thing to be told, it's another to watch it happen. UGH, what's going to happen to their whole mentor/sistership? OMG, SADFACE.

Look at this wily bastard, he thinks he's got her hook, line, and sinker.

Amanda gave Michael a hint on where to find Alex, but Michael, the dumbass, does not reciprocate. OH HELL NO. Amanda is angry. You don't want to see Amanda angry.

This could have been just a simple shot, but they make it interesting, nonetheless.

An angel named Michael is sent here into the darkness to save her!

Okay, I know I have daddy issues, but I love this because Michael's so protective, it becomes badass. On the other hand, yeah, just aim anywhere except the heart...why didn't they think of that before? Duh. They don't have to KILL Percy, just put him in a coma or something.

Apropos of nothing, the way Percy asked Michael, 'Am I going to have a problem with you now?' reminds me of Cameron from TSCC when she was sitting in the back seat of the girl who drove them to Sarkassian's. 'Am I going to have to kill you now?' The inflection is the same and everything. :p

Nikita's the most undamaged out of the trio, but she's got her own guilt issues. That outburst was raw. I hope the show doesn't backpedal and try to make it all about Daniel anymore. At least change the show's intro for good!

Ryan gets used by Percy AGAIN. Boy, has Percy got it in for the CIA or what?

Alex totally clued Nikita in. Aw. I wonder if Percy changed the frequency of the kill chip. Otherwise what's to prevent Nikita from turning it off again? Honestly, I think Alex is being a little childish with the 'you wouldn't let me leave'. Nikita's got a lot on her plate since the appearances of the black boxes. It's not like she broke any promises or didn't give Alex opportunity. Alex was floundering even as a recovering addict, so Nikita gave her a goal. Alex was the one who latched on to Nikita's mission and later wanted in on the whole truth & justice schtick. Yes, Nikita should have told her about the kill chip, but Alex shouldn't blame Nikita for her own decisions. Maybe that part is an act for Percy, but her argument was weak.

Spotlight on Michael's hand again! It's also twitching a la Morse code.

I'm not ashamed to say I love it when Michael goes all crazy eyed.

Roan is bored with taking pictures. Damn it, Percy, he's a cleaner, not a photographer!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Percy lays it all out and finally he's a villain worthy of Nikita and company. The deal with Dana was particularly WHAT THE WHAT, NOOO. And then he just HAS TO twist the knife and let Michael know he couldn't have done it without him. BURN.

When Amanda looks like that, you should just drop everything and get the hell out of dodge.

HER FACE! That shot was SO NOT planned. Even if it was all a ruse, there was a part of Alex that didn't want it to be, and that part of her pulled the trigger without any warning to Nikita whatsoever.

Obviously Nikita can't die (unless CW decides it wants to be number one on my shit list and doesn't renew the show), but Alex's Udinov past has finally come between her and Nikita. Woe, I say, WOE!





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