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Since tomorrow's Nikita's basically a two-part SEASON finale (I'm looking at you, CW, RENEW!), here's a picspam to document 'the before', because after the shitstorm, we're probably not going to recognize 'the after'.

I just need to get this out of the way. Show, please stop showing me this picture of Michael in the previously, it's so cruel. The man obviously wants to sneeze.

So for those keeping track at home, there were 7 black boxes, minus Owen & Darth Maul's boxes, so there are now four lights boxes/guardians left, plus Percy's personal stash.

So this episode starts kind of sloppy. First Alex wants out, then she wants in, then she wants out. Teenagers these days. Let's handwave this as: first Nikita & Alex wanted OUT as in completely out, no Division stuff, but then Alex decides that she wants to stick around to fight the good fight, but just not as a Division mole. But now Nikita does not want to mess with the status quo of have two moley McMoles. Me thinks Alex is feeling squeezed out of the action by mom and dad. She should have just said the magic word. AMANDA. Nikita would have yanked her out so fast she'd have whiplash. Oh hindsight, why are you so 20/20?

Birkhoff, honey, you almost got whacked by your buddy Michael. Dude was reaching for his gun. You're in the spy biznez, how do you not know 'loose lips sink ships'? Or he did it on purpose? Is it his subtle way of leaking info to Michael? Is Percy in on it? Does he want them to know that he doesn't know that they know that he doesn't know? Or maybe Birkhoff is just a tool.

He can be pretty if he puts his mind to it, right?

Not a hair out of place. Michael, aren't you glad you defected? What's that? You're doing it for revenge? Riiiight, you keep telling yourself that.

Alex has a sad face over whatshisname because he doesn't believe she's not in trouble with the mob. I know, right?

Poor Jaden, girl was all nervous about getting out. Aw. Too bad she has the school counselor from hell. Congrats on graduating, have you thought about your future? Because I totally have a plan in mind just for you...

LOL, habitual traffic law violator. Hey, that's how she met the love of her life, right?

I love Nikita and her gadgets/weapons. She's good at what she does, damn it! It pings my competency kink, hard. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to say how much I love it that Nikita gets to drive, both metaphorically and literally. That time in London, she drove while Michael sat in the passenger seat, I was like, damn, you go show, you go. They're equal partners but she still gets to drive? AWESOME.

He looked at it! HE DID! You know he thought about it. Who in their right mind would refuse ice cream? It's creamy and icy, a delicious treat!

Still, kind of weird how Michael's all, screw the civilians. Unless he knows Nikita's going to talk him out of it anyway. He's still got a bit of that Division-bred calculatory instinct going on. What'll happen when Nikita's not around to reign him in?

Sorry, what was I saying? Uhhh. What?

Awwwwwwwwwww. They look so adorkable.

There's a little Shane and Maggie there, yeah.

Who are you guys again? Models? Actors?

No honey, these people are secret government assassins.

I don't want to be all 'YAY DIVERSITY!', but seriously? YAY DIVERSITY! YAY DEFECTED WOMEN ASSASSINS!

I wonder if he packed that sweater or if he and Nikita went shopping. Heh.

Oh yeah, I laughed on the simultaneous wine choke. L to the OL.

Dana is unamused by Mikita.

Sigh. Say what you want about Jaden and how she was written, but she is gorgeous...

...and good with a switch blade.

RIP Jaden. You went down fighting, and it was a GOOD fight. None of that hair ripping bullshit.

A cliched scene with Dana's BF, but the careful, hesitant way Nikita spoke to him? Aw. Her biggest regret, wondering if she could have done it all differently, then Daniel would still be alive.

Kid runs away, blah blah. So now we have a dad with a missing kid, a 2IC of a secret government agency, and a guardian trained to be hardcore...and basically Nikita just tells everyone what to do. Heh.

Michael's a SHOUTER!

You can't train dirtbags without getting a few trigger happy psychos! You can see the wheels turning furiously in there. Oh noes! Dude, where's your planning now, eh?

Michael should have just known what would happen if you come between a mom and her kid, especially when the mom can shoot like the best of them. I have to wonder what Michael does with the bodies. And isn't Birkhoff listening in? He going to go back as the only person who got out alive? Is Nikita going to have to rough him up a little? Are they going to enjoy it a little too much? Stay tuned!

If Roan doesn't like the smell of alcohol, then he probably won't appreciate the smell of vomit either. Oh well.

Take a long hard look, guys! I have a feeling they're not going to have any more moments like these any time soon.

But how's Michael going to explain everything? We just don't know! Meanwhile...

Oh, did something bad happen? Tell me all about it, sweetie.

Really? That's what you're going with?

OH #$*(&@#$^@!

No one crosses the Inquisitor.

Oh SNAP! Those heels! Her neck!

Go ahead show, I'm ready. *inhales* BRING IT.


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