Feb. 21st, 2011

jyorraku: Sarah Connor and Nikita, kicking ass and taking names. (Sarah & Nikita)
First, another item has been added to my Nikita Recruitment Manual:

SHE WALKS SOFTLY, BUT SHE CARRIES A BIG GUN by [personal profile] readthesubtext [via [personal profile] eatsscissors] A tribute to the BAMF that is Nikita/Maggie Q. You'll see her fighting with her fists, her guns, and anything handy, including the very chains that held her captive. She absolutely will not stop, ever, until your ass has been kicked.

Hell, you don't even have to like/watch the show, just watch it for the woman's badassery. Kind of like you don't have to be a T:SCC fan to appreciate Sarah Connor blowing a terminator away (but then why wouldn't you be a T:SCC fan--it's a show that FOX canceled so chances of it being totally awesome are high to begin with). Speaking of which, I would like to thank [dreamwidth.org profile] maharet83 for this shiny new icon with Sarah and Nikita. Ladies being fierce, yo.

Secondly, my Nikita newswire for this week is up! Good news under the Ratings & Scheduling section. According to the 'Bubble Watch' article Nikita's very likely to be renewed!  HUR-#*&%#(*$&@-RAYYYYYYYYYYYY!  CW, you better follow through.

Thirdly, I've come to realize that a lot of the Nikita fandom is on tumblr, which is fine for all the visuals and picspams, but man, I'm dying for the old school stuff.  Dude, where's my fan fiction at? The fanfic comm on LJ hasn't had a new fic posted since 2/6. AO3 since January. FF.net, okay, a couple with promise, and I also randomly came across a too-short SG-1/Nikita crossover that was good except for the fact that I had no idea what the SG-1 parts were about. Bu there should be more, damn it. *whine*.


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